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”The informal politics of distribution on the streets – begging, giving – makes visible the faults inherent to the European welfare system, writes Cecilia Parsberg. ” The begging on the streets challenges the reigning EU policy, it raises questions about how the distribution should happen. The giving on the streets challenges the same policy and raises the same necessary issues.” From the essay ”Giving in free movement Europe”  published in Glänta #1.14 and on the net magazine Eurozine.com


On November 14, at 10-12: 00 I will defend at Umeå Art Academy, with Stefan Jonsson as an opponent. Welcome! The thesis: text and five art works will be published two weeks in advance, Lund University. All art works will be shown in a solo exhibition at Skellefteå Konsthall October 30 to January 22, 2017.

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I am Cecilia Parsberg and I started this project in 2011 as a response to the increasing number of poor EU-citizens using the Free Movement coming to Sweden to beg in the streets in order to survive and support their families in their home countries.
This is my doctoral studies in Fine Arts at Umeå Art Academy, Umeå University and Konstnärliga Forskarskolan i Malmö/Lund. In January 2014. The project was presented at a 50 % doctoral seminar at The National World Culture Museum, Göteborg and the 23 April 2015, a 75% doctoral seminar in Skövde Konsthall.

See documentation of all exhibitions here.



MOTBILDER 23/8–14/9, 2014, in six joined containers.

Solo exhibition at at Skövde Konsthall , 7/3–24/5, 2014. Doctoral seminar (75%) in Fine Arts, 23/4.

Solo exhibition at Reflektera Konsthall Väven, Umeå, 11/4–17/5.

Solo exhibition at Varbergs Konsthall 3/10 – 10/1, 2016.

Solo exhibition at Skellefteå Konsthall October 30 to January 22, 2017.

The chorus work alone is also shown as street screenings, (unannounced see FB).



November, 2014, I write about the space of action in the Swedish newspaper.  Sydsvenskan Kultur (28/11, 2014.)

May, 2015 TV in Rumania http://inpremiera.antena3.ro/reportaje/pierdut-paradis-ofer-recompensa-2-318.html
First part of the program: http://inpremiera.antena3.ro/reportaje/pierdut-paradis-ofer-recompensa-317.html